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The Notary Signing Service (often referred to as a Courtesy Closing), performed by our professional staff and elite, nationwide network of qualified notaries and signing agents, is designed as a loan document signing service for residential real estate transactions in all fifty states and U.S. Territories. Ameristar will centrally coordinate the execution of loan documents by scheduling a qualified notary or signing agent to acknowledge and witness the signatures in compliance with the lender's closing instructions. The notary/signing agent is not a legal representative of the borrower, seller or lender and, therefore, will not render any legal advice nor give any opinion of the loan or its terms during the course of the loan signing process. Absolutely no explanations or descriptions of the loan documents will be provided.

The Notary Signing Service can be customized to meet the unique requirements of the client, while maintaining compliance with state laws and regulations. Signing services may be scheduled at nearly any time of the day or night, including weekends, at the client or borrower's choice of locations.


  • Schedule Date, Place and Time of Signing with borrower(s)
  • Pre-Signing Document Review
  • Centrally coordinate/assign loan documents to a qualified notary/signing agent
  • Overnight Shipment/Electronic Transmission of loan documents to notary/signing agent
  • Validate Identity of Parties
  • Witness Execution of Signing
  • Acknowledge Documents
  • Comprehensive tracking to monitor the status and progress
  • Overnight Shipment/Electronic Transmission of loan documents back to Ameristar
  • Post-Signing Document Review
  • Communicate with client any errors or deficiencies in loan document signing
  • Multiple attempts will be made to resolve any concerns

Available For Additional Fees:

  • Document Recording Services for Security Instrument(s), Deed(s), releases, modifications and related instruments
  • After Hours / Evening Signing Services may be arranged and scheduled
  • Weekend Signing Services may be arranged and scheduled
  • If notified in advance, a notary/signing agent may execute loan documents at two locations (Dual Location Service)
  • All RUSH/Emergency Signing Services