Public Records Research Products and Services

Historically, the most common method to obtain due diligence for real property transactions was to acquire a title insurance product or service. However, concerns with high costs and poor delivery times has resulted in a growing trend toward the use of non-insured, non-promulgated, limited scope, real estate information products and services, referred to as public records research. These title alternative reports have become popular because they dramatically reduce the costs and consistently improve the delivery schedules, without necessarily sacrificing accuracy levels, when compared to title insurance products and services. With a well-earned reputation as being an industry leader, along with our world-class customer service and support, Ameristar Public Records Research can provide this research in every jurisdiction of the United States.

Ameristar Public Records Research offers a complete menu of Public Records Research Products and Services that were designed to serve the needs of our diverse, nationwide clientele, including Document Retrieval Services, Residential Property Reports, Commercial Property Reports, Customized Reports and Document Recording Services.